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PlanRight have an extensive knowledge of all aspects of planning, including planning applications and planning appeals. Planning permission is almost always needed for all types of development so it is therefore always advisable to seek professional advice from a town planning consultant before you begin the planning application process.

We provide advice for domestic clients who need planning permission for alterations and to the commercial sector whether it be for a change of use, the redevelopment or refurbishment of land and/or buildings, before seeking planning permission.

Personal Help and Advice

professional advice

When it comes to Uplanning appeals, PlanRight can maximise your chances of success. In some cases a refusal of permission is unavoidable for various reasons and we can advise whether to re-submit the application with some minor changes or whether to appeal the Council's decision. An appeal is made via the Planning Inspectorate - an independent Government organisation An inspector is appointed to consider the case, with evidence provided by both the appellant and the local authority, before making an impartial decision on the outcome.

Planning appeals can be made in three different ways, either through written representation, an informal hearing or by Public Inquiry. The costs and benefits of the three methods vary. PlanRight have the expertise to advise on the best method of appeal prior to submission.

Please see a list of our services below to see how we can help you.

Advertisement ConsentClick Here

Most commercial advertisements require consent. We have vast experience in gaining consent for our clients with a variety of different types of advertising, such as; pub signs, illuminated signs and hoardings. Please contact us to discuss your requirements further.

Affidavits and Statutory DeclarationsClick Here

Sometimes the Council will require an Affidavit or Statutory Declaration when making certain types of application which can provide evidence of an existing use. We have the knowledge to ensure these Statements provide the evidence required and are written in a professional manner. Please contact us to discuss your requirement further.

AppealsClick Here

Sometimes a planning application will be refused for a variety of reasons. The applicant always has a right to appeal should this be the case. We have vast experience in making both planning and enforcement appeals either through written representations or informal Hearings. We can carry out your appeal even if we did not originally make the planning application. Please call to discuss your options further.

Approval of pre-commencement conditionsClick Here

Nearly all planning permissions include pre-commencement conditions to be further approved before work can start on site. We have the ability to ensure that the requirements of these conditions are met and approval received before work commences on your project. Please contact us to discuss your requirements further.

Certificates of Existing and proposed Use or Development Click Here

Sometimes it's not clear what a building has been previously used for or whether the intended works even require planning permission (ie a change of use or a small extension under permitted development). We can make applications with evidence (supported by an Affidavit /Statutory Declaration) when requiring a Certificate for an Existing Use or Development (CLEUD) or with plans/information showing that a proposed use or development does not require planning permission (CLOPUD). Please contact us to discuss your options.

Change of UseClick Here

You may wish to alter the use of your building or land. In many case this requires an application for a change of use. Please contact us for further advice.

Code Assessments for Code for Sustainable Homes Click Here

The Code for Sustainable Homes has been developed to enable a step change in sustainable building practice for new homes. Code compliance at the moment is voluntary, however the Government is contemplating making assessment under Code standards compulsory in the future. We have Code Assessors who are able from the outset to ensure your new build development is able to achieve (at the very least) Code Level 3 or above. Please contact us to discuss your requirements further.

Conservation Area ConsentClick Here

Conservation Area Consent is required for most demolition within a Conservation Area. This type of application will usually be made in tandem with a full planning application for development within a Conservation Area.

Design and Access StatementsClick Here

A Design and Access Statement (DAS) should be submitted as part of the documents required for most planning applications (apart from Householder applications and some Changes of Use applications). The Statement provides details of use, design, layout, scale, appearance and access for your proposed development.

We can provide a DAS as part of the overall planning application or we can provide it as a stand-alone document should your architect be making the planning application on your behalf. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Enforcement AppealsClick Here

When a development or change of use has taken place without permission, the local planning authority may issue an Enforcement Notice, requiring the use of the land to stop and / or any buildings or structures that do not have planning permission to be removed within a certain time limit unless an Appeal is made and subsequently allowed. Non –compliance of such a Notice can lead to a Court summons and a fine. An appeal can only be made within 28 days of the Notice being served so it is of the utmost importance that you seek advice as soon as possible after receiving a Notice.

General AdviceClick Here

Sometimes you may wish to discuss the chances of gaining planning approval for a scheme or development before making a commitment. We can offer preliminary advice with no obligation.

Lifetime Homes StandardsClick Here

As part of the Code For Sustainable Homes, all new dwellings should comply with the 16 Lifetime Homes Standards. We can ensure that all of these Standards are complied with as part of the scheme. Some Council's requires that Lifetime Homes Standards are considered when converting existing buildings into flats, we can provide a checklist that will ensure that as many of the Standards have been complied with as possible. Please contact us for further information.

Listed Building ConsentClick Here

Consent is required for almost all works to Listed Buildings, both internally and externally. We can make these applications on your behalf working with the Council's Conservation team to ensure success. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Local Development Framework (LDF) RepresentationsClick Here

We can make representations to the LPA (Local Planning Authority), which will be part of the process for consultation in the making of policy documents in emerging development plans. We can comment on documents and emerging policy on behalf of the landowners and other land holding companies. Please contact us to discuss your options further.

Neighborhood ConsultationClick Here

Larger developments require a Neighbourhood Consultation to take place prior to the application being submitted. The application should then show how any representations from neighbours have been considered within the scheme. We have carried our several such events (usually held in one day) and can ensure that the proposed scheme is represented in the most positive way to ensure that any neighbour objections can be dealt with prior to submission. Please contact us to discuss further.

Objection LettersClick Here

Some of the development or development plan proposals can produce a lot of interest within the general public, especially when it's felt that this would have a harmful or unwelcomed effect.

Most of the stakeholders that have been affected will have an opportunity to comment, but they're not always skilled in preparing effective objections. These must address the material planning arguments, which the LPA (Local Planning Authority) are required to contemplate before reaching a decision. This can be related to concerns of both individual and community-wide interest, which will benefit from professional support. Please contact us to discuss your options further.

Planning ApplicationsClick Here

Planning permission is required for almost any form of development or change of use. To obtain permission, a planning application must be submitted to the Council, which can be a complex process. We can prepare and submit planning applications and liaise directly with the planners before and during the application process. Please call us to discuss your requirements further.

Planning StatementsClick Here

Many planning applications benefit from the inclusion of a Planning Statement, particularly if the proposal is controversial or complicated. This describes in detail the scheme, the relevant planning policies and how the proposal complies with national, regional and local planning policy. A well written statement should guide the LPA to a favourable decision and is paramount should the application fail and goes to Appeal. We can write a planning statement as part of the overall application or can provide this as a stand alone service if your architect is making the application on your behalf.

Variation of ConditionsClick Here

Almost all planning permissions have one or a number of conditions attached to them, which may restrict the development. We can seek to vary or remove these conditions by means of an application or an appeal. This is a different service than to gain approval for pre-commencement conditions. Please contact us to discuss further.

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